Sponsor a Child

Help a Child to Change their Future!

  • Help us keep Bajao tribal children off the street and in school.
  • Less than 1% of the Bajao people are literate and many beg on the street.
  • Educating these kids means breaking their generational poverty cycle by equipping them to get jobs and become leaders in their community.
  • For less than a few cups of coffee a month you could give a child wings to escape generations of extreme poverty and hopelessness.
Who are the Bajao?

Badjao literally means man of the sea. They are historically nomadic sea dwellers who once lived in house boats. Due to dwindling supply of fishing grounds and pearl beds, they are forced to make their home on land.? Unfortunately, their poverty has driven them to begging. Due to the mystery of their unique culture, they are looked down upon by neighboring tribes. Due to the fact that less than 1% are literate.Until now they have been deemed by educational authorities uneducateable. Through the hard work of our teacher Grace, we have disproved that theory.

The Value of Sponsorship
You being committed to support these children for at least a year helps them to be committed to continue in school. Some of the kids are old for their grade. That is because the have either entered school late or have been pulled out of school due to persecution or to work.  As a despised minority they are often bullied in school. They are a non-confrontational people so they would just leave. Also it has taken time to convince the families that an education is valuable. Things have improved and we expect them to improve further. You too can play a part. As a sponsor you will receive a picture of your child. Please be sure to keep them in your prayers.This is the first generation of this people group to make such leaps and bounds in terms of education.
What does Sponsorship cover?
  • School supplies
  • Assignment Fees
  • Uniform
  • Shoes
  • A Christmas Gift for your child’s family
  • The wages of the children’s teachers
How much is to sponsor a child?

$20 a month
You can either pay for a year at once ($240)
you can pay for the first quarter ($60)
and will will send you reminders each quarter after that
We ask that you please commit to one year at a time.

How do I become sponsor?
  1. Send you sponsorship check written to “S.E.R.V.  Ministries” in the memo write “Bailey-Child” then mail to: S.E.R.V. Ministries P.O. Box 127 Dana Point CA 92629
  2. Once we receive confirmation of you donation we will send you a picture of your child so that you can keep them in your prayers.