We provide trainings to local front line workers who wish to serve unreached groups. However visitors from overseas are always welcome as well. Trainings are arranging upon request.  They are offered in English or Cebuano but can be translated if you offer an interpreter. Contact us for more information.

Story Telling Workshop

We offer a 3 day workshop teaching Bible Story Telling to Oral learners through Oral Inductive methods.  It is best to start with the 3 day workshop as an introduction before taking the longer trainings.

6-12 Day Oral Bible School

A discipleship program, using 75 chronological Bible Stories, to show God’s consistent  love and forgiveness from Genesis through Revelation.

7 month Oral Bible School

This Oral Inductive Bible School program uses Bible stories, lectures, and weekly oral tests to prepare future church planters. This program includes livelihood training in farming, welding and carpentry so pastors can support themselves. Available in Cebuano only.

Cultural Studies

This course can be 3 or 6 weeks long, and is taught by various experienced instructors.  Learn how to reach unreached people groups through understanding their history, culture, special Bible verses and Bible stories. Many of us live amongst people whom we don’t understand but that should not stop us from reaching them with the love of the Gospel.